Chapter 3 - Thanks for Giving Me Light

Family of Eliot

Joyce Swift entered the lobby of the main house. She was not able to put the guide rod down when Roy Eliot greeted her with a warm smile on his face," Joyce,you happened came back. I would introduce you formally today."

As he was talking, he took over the guide rod of Joyce, held her waist intimately and led her to the center of the lobby.

Nathan Eliot was sitting on a sofa. He sipped the tea and squinted at Joyce who was approaching him.

"Nathan, this is my fiancee Joyce. Joyce, this is my little brother Nathan in front of you. He has been living abroad and he came back purposely when he learned that our wedding day was near."

Joyce felt uncomfortable.

Roy Eliot had never been this kind of close to her. That behavior made her felt frightened.

She said" Nice to meet you." Even though she felt that was awkward.

Nathan Eliot saw the logo of a massage clue on Joyce's uniform and he sneered," You are such devoted to your work, my sister-in-law, even wearing the uniform at home."

The hand of Roy was moving on Joyce's waist slowly. This kind of touch made her felt nervous and her body was in tension.

"It was a hobby to kill time rather than a job for her. She was blind. Though I love her dearly, I can not

deprive her interest. Am I right, Joyce?"

"Yes, you are." Joyce nodded her head.

"Such a unusual hobby." Nathan sneered with a cold voice.

"Joyce is professional. How about she give you a massage some time?"

"Roy!" Roy had not finished the word and Joyce interrupted Roy.


Joyce changed a topic carefully," I feel tired now, could I have a rest in the room?"

Roy was thoughtful and kind, he said," I would send you to the room if you are tired.


Nathan was irritable when he saw they were leaving.

Especially that hand put on the back of Joyce. That was unpleasant.

Joyce was relaxed when she went back the room. Her neck was suddenly chocked by Roy and a gloomy voice was heard," Joyce, are you very happy now? Oh no, don not feel happy too early. Though the guy in your heart was back, he brought his fiancee, too.


Joyce's heart was blank for a while.

Meanwhile, she was released.

She struggled trying to get away from Roy. She begged in low voice," Please, Roy, let go me. You...You already knew I was done with him."

With a murderous look, his hand was tightened," Done with him? You met him at the club today. You thought I didn't know about that?"

Different from that kind and warm man, he was violent now.

"I... for real, I have nothing with him..." The sound of Joyce was off and on. Her face grew red due to lack of oxygen.

"Hah!" Roy‘s face was ferocious," Of course I believe you have nothing between yourselves, so I made the chance for you to stay alone. Am I thoughtful as a husband?Huh?!"

Joyce's face was horrific deep red. Her ear started to humming and she felt her arms and legs were heavier and heavier. The Death seemed stood right in front of her.


No death!

She got to do something important. She could not die menially like this.

Joyce breathed hardly and stopped struggling. She smiled.

That smile stimulated fevered Roy. He let go her suddenly. Joyce lost balance and fell down.

Roy gritted his teeth and pulled her roughly into his arms. The murderous face turned a little soft and he said," Joyce, look at you now, not pretty! Don't make me angry any more, OK?"

Unexpected gentle and cultivated, it seemed that the man who would like to kill her never existed.

Joyce had her body contracted. She was even dare not to breathe, her body was trembling.

Sure enough, she had to use the opposite way to deal with this uncertain man.

"It was my fault. I was...just too angry. Nathan went right to you even without visiting home first. I was really angry. Go repair your hymen some time. I will make you happy after we are married."

Joyce's teeth was shaking and her face was pale.

Roy disliked her and made her go to repair her hymen just because she was woman of Nathan before.